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10 Ways To Have A Better Morning

10 Ways To Have A Better Morning

Your alarm clock rings on Monday morning at 7am. Do you a) jump out of bed, ready to tackle the day, or b) sigh, moan, and groan, and hit the snooze button?

It's no secret that I'm a morning person. I love waking up early and getting a head start on my day. There's nothing more satisfying to me than having enough time to get ready, enjoy my cup of coffee, and get energized before I head out the door. 

However, I am also not oblivious to the fact that a lot of you aren't morning people, which is why I am here to give you a helping hand. I'm not saying that implementing these changes into your daily routine will make you LOVE mornings, but they will help somewhat in alleviating some of those morning blues.

Top 10 Ways To Have A Better Morning

Set your clothes out the night before. 

This strategy is key! Trust me - laying out your clothes the night before eliminates all decision-making with regards to wardrobe come morning time. You will not have to try on multiple outfits to see what looks good as you drink your coffee and hope not to spill. Make your choice ahead of time, and the whole "getting dressed" process will become seamless (and efficient!). Plus, for those of you who struggle with body image and negative self-talk, you won't waste time critiquing yourself in the mirror. Your outfit, predetermined, will have already had your "seal of approval".

Wake up earlier and don't hit the snooze button.

There is nothing I hate more than being in a RUSH. So, do yourself a favour and wake up earlier. Give yourself enough time to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and relax a little bit in the morning! Your body and mind will thank you for it. Having a bit of free time in the morning to catch up on the news or watch a couple minutes of your favourite morning show is a good way to start your day - it's a little "you time" that would be lost should you wake up too late and have to rush. That being said, don't hit the snooze button! Set your alarm to give you the amount of time you need to do your morning routine and DON'T SNOOZE. Don't even lie in bed for a bit. This may sound harsh, but I promise you it'll feel better in the long run. Once your alarm rings, that's it - get out of bed right away!

Make your bed. 

A simple, yet often overlooked step. A fresh room leads to a clear mind, so I highly suggest you spend two minutes making your bed each morning. Not only will you leave your home with peace of mind, you will maintain that peace of mind as you walk into your bedroom after school/work, as your room will be clean and ready for your return. 

Drink water. 

Dehydration can lead to a whole lot of physical symptoms: fatigue, dizziness, confusion. By drinking a glass of water in the morning, you will take action to prevent these symptoms, and you will also know that you are doing something good for yourself and your health. Taking care of YOU is so important, and by treating yourself well, you are sure to set yourself up for a successful day.

Eat breakfast.

Don't, I repeat, DON'T skip breakfast in the morning! I don't buy any of the "I didn't have time" crap. Make time! That is why I am suggesting you set your alarm a little earlier (and don't hit snooze!). Skipping breakfast is a guaranteed way to set yourself up for a morning of irritability and frustration. No one can work or perform well when hungry. Trust me. Your mood will surely be better once you have some fuel, so take the five minutes you need to eat breakfast and do it. 

Let the light shine in.

Light can be the driving force to a better mood. When you roll out of bed, open up your blinds and let the light shine in! Natural light is proven to help us lead a happier and healthier life. Additionally, light energizes us but also calms us, and enables increased productivity during the day. How can you say no to light?!


Stretching is known to have a myriad of health benefits. For those of us who don't have time to hit the gym in the morning, (or for those who, like myself, are in recovery and should not be going to the gym on a regular basis yet), taking time to get the body moving and blood circulating through morning stretching can be a good alternative. Stretching can help with your posture and works on flexibility, in addition to increasing energy levels. Instead of heading to school or the office feeling sluggish, incorporating light stretching into your morning routine will change the way you start your day. 

Wash your face. 

Not only is skincare super important, but a splash of cold water on your face in the morning is a good way to revitalize the senses and wake you up. This step is especially important if you are someone who showers at night. 

Listen to music. 

You know those super emotional songs that you put on when you are feeling sad and kind of want to wallow in your own self-pity? Yeah, I'm not talking about playing those songs as part of your morning routine. I want you to choose music that pumps you up and lifts you up, motivating you to tackle your day head on. Whether it's classic 90s or classic rock, choose songs that make you feel GOOD. There's nothing worse than getting ready in silence; I personally always have music playing in the background. I really feel that it sets the mood for my day, and as an added benefit, it gives me the energy I need to keep my head high. 

Set a goal or intention for the day.

This final step may seem a little unusual, especially because most of our focus is devoted to simply getting out the door on time. However, I encourage you to look at the day ahead, and establish one goal you would like to accomplish or one intention you would like to fulfill. Whether it's related to health (physical and/or mental), relationships, work ethic, work performance, academics - it really doesn't matter. This step, though, encourages you to take care of yourself when sometimes, life gets so busy that we forget to do so. Also, having a goal/intention in mind is a way to derail the feelings of stress that often accompany our day-to-day and we instead are able to focus on something a little more concrete and positive.

There we have it, my friends! I hope you consider implementing at least a couple of these steps into your morning routine. They are not a quick fix to anything, but will definitely help you start your morning off on the right foot. Wouldn't that be an amazing way to go into the New Year?

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