I created this blog to document my journey in eating disorder recovery. My goal is to share my story while hopefully helping others who are going through similar challenges.

I hope you enjoy.

Life Update / Ask Me Anything

Life Update / Ask Me Anything

My thoughts have been a little all over the place lately, and I wasn’t sure exactly what direction I wanted to take for this week’s blog post. So, I decided to post one of those “Ask Me Anything” question boxes on Instagram, and I’m using Recovery By Meghan to answer your best questions.

Here goes nothing!

What exactly is your new job?

I’m the Instagram Community Manager for a media company that has employees all across Canada and in the U.S. Basically, my responsibilities include content sourcing, running and overseeing multiple Instagram accounts, brainstorming innovative ways to reach a wider audience, and interacting with our community. I’ve been there for two weeks now and I absolutely love it!

What is your favourite part about blogging?

Oh my gosh, so hard to choose! Personally, I find writing incredibly therapeutic. Sometimes I come home from therapy and write, consolidating all my thoughts into one or two blog posts. Doing so brings me so much mental clarity. But blogging is also so rewarding. Sharing my story online has allowed me to connect with so many of you, and I couldn’t be more grateful. For the first time in a very long time, I don’t feel alone in recovery, and a huge part of that is due to the community here on the blog and on social media. Thank you to all of you who open my blog and read my weekly posts. And, I really enjoy getting messages from you on Facebook and Instagram! I couldn’t be more happy to help others on their own life journeys.

Do you find therapy hard?

YES. Therapy is exhausting. I have built a relationship with my therapist where I am honest about anything and everything. It’s not easy to share some of the most intimate details of my life, but I give myself no other choice than to be straightforward about everything. I cry a lot in therapy, because when I feel strong emotions (sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety) they are often expressed through tears. I talk about my failures and celebrate my successes. I go beyond just eating disorder talk and share things that happen in my week. Therapy is am incredibly beneficial resource and I am very thankful I am able to see a therapist. Even if you don’t struggle with mental health issues, I encourage you to try therapy if you are able to. Therapy helps me in all spheres of my life.

What is the hardest part of your recovery right now?

I would say my rigidity. I still get very anxious around food, and I have a lot of trouble making decisions around food items. I have a hard time introducing “new” foods into my meal plan, but for now, as long as I keep my eating structure consistent, I am okay with working on flexibility and variety at a later date. (Before I get any comments on the importance of variety and changing up my meals, please know that my therapist is aware of my food intake and consistency is the most important goal, for me, right now. I have a tendency to decrease my food intake slowly over time, so I am really working hard on maintaining the structure I have set up for myself).

Favourite thing to do in your free time?

Free time is not something I have a lot of! After work, I’m usually pretty exhausted (hello 5:45am wake-up call) so I typically like to relax in the evenings and find something good to watch on Netflix. I do have a couple of guilty pleasure shows on tv, too… (The Bachelor, Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy). On the weekends, I try and see my friends and family as much as possible. I love going to coffee shops, and now that I’m in a book club, I’m trying to read more. I also consider blogging a hobby, so I try to use this outlet as a pastime.

Any recent projects?

The past two weeks or so have been about settling into my new job, but now I hope to commit more of my time to blogging and posting relevant posts for all of you to read. My life is about to change dramatically in the next couple of weeks, though, as my sister is expecting a little boy. I can’t wait to be an aunt! I also started writing a book over the holidays, so I hope to get back into the “book writing groove”.

How are you balancing your career while recovering?

It’s HARD. But I’m doing it through constant reminders and constant self-talk. I’m trying to see food as the fuel I need to remain concentrated, energetic, and capable at work (rather than see it as something that might make me gain weight). I prioritize time for therapy, which means working late some days so I can leave the office early during the week to go to my appointments. Sometimes I have to cut my weekend visits with friends and family short so I can go to the grocery store and get the food I need for the week, but I know that having food at my disposal is especially valuable right now.

Overall, though, having a job I love helps TREMENDOUSLY. Working gives me a sense of purpose, which adds to my self-worth. Working allows me to maintain a somewhat “normal” eating schedule, which is a huge deal in eating disorder recovery. Although stressful situations at work can affect my appetite, I constantly remind myself that I will NOT bring ED-related behaviours into my new work environment.

I am still a work in progress, and balancing both my career and my recovery is more taxing than you can probably imagine. But so far I’m doing it. I’m making it work. And I’m reminding myself to never, ever give up.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this type of post. Let me know if I should do more of them. Have a great week everyone xx


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